Oregon Sunstones

These natural volcanic stones occur only in one area of Southern Oregon. We have been blessed with the opportunity to purchase a share of a sunstone mine. To get to the mine, we drive over an hour from the nearest paved road. There are only basic facilities on site, but the views from that area are spectacular. At night, the stars shine unimpeded by man-made influences. All of this natural beauty is captured in these delightful sunstones. I enjoy the process of digging through the rich earth and finding these beautiful treasures. We do a basic cleaning of each sunstone while we're at the mine, revealing the hints of each stone's individual character.

Road to the mine Mining Mine face Sunset
Rectangular Sunstone showing inclusions Red-orange trillium sunstone

Each Oregon Sunstone is unique. From clear to green to red, the variety of colors and inclusions is truly staggering.

Each stone is hand-cleaned, and then individually faceted. The end result is a beautiful stone ready to be made into a treasured piece of jewelry. Depending on the size and the customer's wishes, these stones can be fashioned into necklaces, ear-rings and even rings.

From raw to finished jewelry 1000c Sunstone found in this mine
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